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T30-KU Shape KU

The T30 Series Tips are used for FM-2032, a soldering iron that works with FM-203, FM-206 and FX-951. To convert FM-2032 for N2 Soldering, it requires both:

  • C5038 Nozzle Assembly A or C5041 Nozzle Assembly D (C5041 is compatible with all T30 Tips)
  • B5178 Hose Assembly

  • This type has a shape like a knife and is capable of soldering by applying the tip in 3 ways: line, face and point.
  • It is used for soldering at narrow pitches, correction of bridging and drag soldering.
Applicable Models Handpieces
FM-203 FM-2032
FM-206 FM-2032
FX-951 FM-2032