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Why Do Soldering Tips Get Worn Out?

Over time, long and extended use of the soldering tip with no proper care can lead to the tip being worn out. This makes the soldering tip no longer suitable for use. Let us explore the various ways in which a soldering tip can be worn out and how we can prevent that. 

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Soldering and Flux

If you've soldered, you would have heard of the term 'flux'. Read on to learn more about what flux is, how to apply them, and why it is important to use and remove flux after you are done soldering!

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Oxidation of Tips with Lead-Free Solder

Why do tips oxidize easily when using lead-free solder? If you have been working with different types of solder for a long time, you may have noticed that lead-free solder oxidizes soldering tips four to five times faster than normal solder wires. Read on to learn why!

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