Calibration and Repairs

Please contact HAKKO’s Customer Support Division at for repairs or calibration.

Please prepare the following information:

  • Customer name, contact number, email
  • Order number (if applicable)
  • Product Name
  • Serial number of product
  • Requested services: Calibration or Repair
  • Condition of goods
  • Return shipping address

Kindly indicate the following on your parcel:

[Calibration / Repair of Product]
1 Genting Link, #02-04
Perfect One, Singapore 349518

Conditions on Calibration and Repair
Kindly reach out to Hakko at to facilitate a discussion on the repair or calibration. A quote will be provided with all possible costs and our team will also highlight any unexpected costs that may arise. An acceptance of the quotation is an acceptance of potential additional costs that comes with repairs of the product, should further issues be found within the item. 

After the customer has accepted all terms and the cost of calibration or repair, they can then send the item to our Calibration and Repair Center in Singapore. 

Will I be compensated for shipping costs?
Please note that the customer is responsible for all the shipping charges to and from HAKKO’s premises for all products being sent for calibration or repairs. The shipping cost from the original purchase is also non-refundable. 

Insurance on shipping
The customer is responsible for all risk of loss and damage to products being shipped to us. For big ticket items, it is recommended to use a trackable shipping service or purchase shipping insurance. Alternatively, you may deliver the product to our office personally. Please fully insure the return shipment in case of loss or damage and use a carrier that provides proof of delivery such as UPS or FedEx. We will send a confirmation e-mail upon receiving the returned products.

Full calibration and repair services are available for our range of products.

With an experienced team and calibration equipment specified by the manufacturer, our calibration centre is well equipped to calibrate the following instruments:

 FG-450 Static Level Meter
FG-450 Static Level Meter
  • Measures electric potential of films and plastic objects 
  • Checks electric potential in production areas 
  • Performs operational test on static eliminators
  • Rotating sensor head enables measurement at different angles
  • Light weight and portable
FG-470 Wrist Strap Tester
FG-470 Wrist Strap Tester
  • Tests wrist straps quick and easily
  • Eliminates quality issues caused by defective wrist strap
FG-100B Soldering Iron Thermometer

FG-100B Soldering Iron Thermometer

  • Provides fast, accurate tip temperature measurement using a fine CA sensor
  • Light weight and easy to carry around
  • 'MAX-HOLD' function allows highest temperature measured to be displayed
  • Multi-angle measurement
  • Auto Switch-off function
  • Quick & easy replacement of sensor
FG-102 Thermometer
FG-102 Thermometer
  • Standardises temperature measurement procedures
  • Eliminates errors in temperature measurement and human transcription
  • Computerised storage of temperature records eases management and traceability
  • Shows Pass/Fail measurement result based on pre-determined tolerance of tip temperature
  • Multi-angle measurement
  • Power saving design
  • Portability
FG-101B Soldering Iron Tester

FG-101B Soldering Iron Tester

  • Measures tip temperature, leak voltage and tip-to-ground resistance
  • High reliability and accuracy in measurement
  • 'MAX HOLD' function allows highest temperature measured to be displayed
  • Multi-angle measurement
  • Auto Switch-off function

Calibration is also available for certain discontinued products. Kindly speak to our team for more information. A calibration report will be issued for each instrument calibrated.

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