Introducing the latest FX-888DX Soldering Station

The FX-888DX is an upgraded version of our all-time favourite FX-888D, with a rotary encoder replacing the two-button interface, improving the user experience and operability.

Existing models of soldering irons for the FX-888D can still be used with FX-888DX, such as FX-8801, FX-8802, FX-8803, FX-8804 and FX-8805. 

New Soldering Iron and Tips

With this new launch, Hakko introduces a new 95W soldering iron FX-8806 for the FX-888DX, as well as its tip series, T32 soldering tips.

Hakko also unveils three new tips in the T18 series for FX-8801: T18-S7, T18-IS and T18-K35.

Check out the Hakko FX-888DX today!

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