Caution Against Counterfeit Products

Dear Customers, 

Thank you for using HAKKO Products. 

We are aware that there exist counterfeit products that are widely distributed in the market. Although such products are not manufactured by HAKKO, they are illegally marked with our trademark and logo. They are also frequently sold through the internet across various markets. 

These counterfeit products do not meet the quality standard defined by HAKKO. For your safety and quality control, we recommend against using these counterfeit products and instead, use genuine HAKKO products/parts which comply with safety standard and quality criteria. 

Please note that HAKKO is not responsible for any incident, failure or product issues caused by counterfeit products. Kindly pay special attention when purchasing through the internet. 

With that, Hakko Products Pte Ltd would like to reiterate that our official sales channels in Singapore and South East Asia are:

We thank you for your continuous support. 

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