Check out our brand new website!

Hakko Products has undergone a major revamp and is back with a new look! As we strive to continuously improve our services to you, we have decided to shift onto a new platform for a more enjoyable customer experience.

Please note that as our backend has shifted to a new platform, your old account and previous orders will not be reflected here. Kindly create a new account with us, and your future order history will be captured. Additionally, re-subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on all Hakko news, promotions and new product launches. 

Here are some of our changes:

  1. Payment by credit cards and manual payments now available.
  2. Hakko Rewards system - earn Hakko Koins for every new purchase made and redeem them for cash vouchers! (Earn 3x bonus for a limited time)
  3. Streamlined homepage and catalogue, and easier navigation.
  4. "Tune in with Hakko" - articles containing support, tips and tricks, and new product information.
  5. Instant chat box that allows you to get order status and product information. Please note: for product enquiries, we may need some time to check with our experts and get back to you.
  6. Product reviews now available (show us how much you love Hakko!)
  7. Product Pre-orders now available (this replaces the product enquiry cart).
  8. Newsletter/subscription updates on new products and deals.

We hope that you'll have a great time navigating this new website, so what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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