Creating a watermelon boat with FX-888D

A Hakko Products X Cedishappy Collaboration

Hakko Products x Cedishappy

In 2020, several media outlets in Singapore and the region exploded with the news of the world's first fruit-based game boy. The story? A fully functioning watermelon game boy created by Cedrick Tan. 

Cedrick's Watermelon Game Boy

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Impressed with his project and looking to support young talents in South East Asia, we reached out to Cedrick with piqued interest to see how a Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station can help improve his soldering experience on future fruity projects. 

Watermelon Time

Cedrick's latest project with the Hakko FX-888D involves... you guessed it, a watermelon! This time, he explored the limitations of a watermelon by turning it into a TV remote-controlled boat.

"The Hakko FX-888D was a huge upgrade from the ones I've been using previously"

With some planning, programming, soldering and grocery shopping, the Watermelon Boat is ready for its maiden voyage. Cedrick was also impressed with the FX-888D as it was "a huge upgrade from the ones I've been using previously. It allows me to change temperature settings and heats up within seconds".

Want to know how the Watermelon Boat turned out? Check out his video and all other projects on his youtube and instagram page.

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Hakko Products is grateful for this opportunity to work with a creative mind like Cedrick, and to support the growing tech community in Singapore. Here's to more smooth sailing projects in future!


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