Difference between Hakko FX-600 and FX-601

Looking to buy a Hakko Soldering Iron but not sure what the difference is between the HAKKO FX-600 and FX-601?

Both the FX-600 and FX-601 are lightweight, temperature adjustable soldering irons, giving you a little flexibility in your soldering projects. However, the FX-601 has a higher thermal capacity and heat conductivity, giving you extra power for projects that need more heat. 

The best part? Instead of having to get both, simply convert your FX-600 to a FX-601 (or vice versa) with the interchangable tip enclosure attachments!

FX-600 FX-601
Temperature Range 200-500ºC 240-540ºC
Tip Series T18 T19
Tip Size Smaller Bigger
Thermal Capacity Lower Higher
Application For general soldering e.g electronic components, IC, LED, PWB For high powered soldering that requires larger amount of heat e.g. large connectors, chassis, transfers etc
Enclosure for conversion B3720 to hold T19 tips B3730 to hold T18 tips

Soldering Irons and Stained Glass

Both FX-600 and FX-601 are widely used in the stained glass community due to its lightweight and ease of use. Both also comes with a wide series of tips (T18/T19) which allows the user to choose the tip best suited for their stained glass piece (eg. a smaller more precise tip may be required for an intricate piece).

However, most prefer using the FX-601 for its higher thermal capacity and overall bigger tips which means quicker melting of the solder and completing your projects faster. 

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