Differences Between BC/C and BCF/CF Soldering Tips

Learn how to differentiate between Hakko BC/C and BCF/CF soldering tips

Features Tip is tinned on the cut surface and the surrounding area Tip is tinned on the cut surface only
Recommended Use For heavy duty soldering For when components are dense and bridges are easily formed
Example BC/C Soldering Tip BCF/CF Soldering Tip


Kindly view below to see how the difference in tinned area affects the soldering process. The top of the soldering tip is tinned, or plated with solder, to allow for soldering, while the other areas are plated with chrome in order to prevent them from being wet with solder.

For BCF/CF soldering tips, the solder does not melt when it touches the sides of the tip, only when it touches the tinned cut surface. This allows for more accuracy where components are packed tightly on a workpiece, preventing molten solder from touching other components.


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