Discontinuation Notice for February 2021

Kindly take note of the discontinued products as of February 2021. 

Discontinued Part No. Product Name
A1574 Heater Lamp (100-120V)
A1606 Heater Lamp (220-240V)
B3655 Switch for FR-870 and FR-871
Discontinued Part No. Product Name
A1023 Soldering tip shape 2B (456)
A1024 Soldering tip shape 4C (456)
A1025 Soldering tip shape 8C (456)
A1026 Soldering tip shape 5D (456)
A1027 Heating Element 100V (456)
A1031 Soldering tip shape 6C (456)
A1032 Soldering tip shape K (456)
A1043 Heating Element 110V (456)
A1044 Heating Element 220V (456)
A1045 Heating Element 230V (456)
A1046 Heating Element 240V (456)
A1047 Soldering tip shape B (455)
A1048 Soldering tip shape 3C (455)
A1049 Soldering tip shape 4C (455)
A1050 Soldering tip shape 5C (455)
A1051 Soldering tip shape 6C (455)
A1052 Soldering tip shape 5D (455)
A1053 Soldering tip shape K (455)
A1054 Heating Element 100V (455)
A1056 Heating Element 110V (455)
A1057 Heating Element 220V (455)
A1058 Heating Element 230V (455)
A1059 Heating Element 240V (455)
A1177 Heating Element 120V (456)
A1178 Heating Element 120V (455)
A1179 Soldering tip shape 9D (456)
A1343 Heating Element 220V (456)
A1508 Heating Element 220V (455)


Discontinued Part No. Product Name
A1174 Heating Element 24V
A1193 Ceramic Paper Filters - WS (Set of 10)
A1216 Spring Filter
A1304 Front Holder
A1507 Heating Element
B1015 Nut
B1652 Filter Pipe (with Spring Filter L)
B1653 Element Cover
A1505 Back Holder
A1509 Heating Element
B1723 Element Cover
B1724 Nut
A1313 Heating Element 24V
A1314 Front Holder
A1319 Packing
A1611 Ceramic Paper Filters - S (Set of 10)
A1010 Spring Filter (Set of 10)
A1012 O-Ring P-12 (Set of 5)
A1028 Silicone Grease
A1030 Spring Filter (Set of 10)
Discontinued Part No. Product Name
A1143 Heating Element 100V
A1144 Heating Element 110V
A1146 Heating Element 220-240V
A1377 Heating Element 24V
A1386 Cleaning Sponge
B2670 Nozzle Assembly A
B2671 Nozzle Assembly B
B2672 Nozzle Assembly C
B2673 Nozzle Assembly D
T4-05C Soldering Tip Shape 0.5C (Set of 10)
T4-08D Soldering Tip Shape 0.8D (Set of 10)
T4-12D Soldering Tip Shape 1.2D (Set of 10)
T4-16D Soldering Tip Shape 1.6D (Set of 10)
T4-1C Soldering Tip Shape 1C (Set of 10)
T4-1CF Soldering Tip Shape 1C Tinned (Set of 10)
T4-24D Soldering Tip Shape 2.4D (Set of 10)
T4-2C Soldering Tip Shape 2C (Set of 10)
T4-2CF Soldering Tip Shape 2C Tinned (Set of 10)
T4-3C Soldering Tip Shape 3C (Set of 10)
T4-3CF Soldering Tip Shape 3C Tinned (Set of 10)
T4-B Soldering Tip Shape B (Set of 10)
T4-I Soldering Tip Shape I (Set of 10)
T4-K Soldering Tip Shape K (Set of 10)
Discontinued Part No. Product Name
924-T-1002 Flat IC Desoldering Tip 12.5mm x 12.5mm
924-T-1003 Flat IC Desoldering Tip 15.5mm x 15.5mm
924-T-1004 Flat IC Desoldering Tip 16.3mm x 16.3mm
924-T-1005 Flat IC Desoldering Tip 17.0mm x 17.0mm
924-T-1006 Flat IC Desoldering Tip 23.0mm x 17.0mm
924-T-1007 Flat IC Desoldering Tip 20.0mm x 20.0mm
924-T-1010 Mini Flat IC Desoldering Tip 6.0 mm x 5.0mm
924-T-1011 Mini Flat IC Desoldering Tip 6.0mm x 10.0mm
924-T-1012 Mini Flat IC Desoldering Tip 7.0mm x 12.5mm
924-T-1013 Mini Flat IC Desoldering Tip 9.0mm x 15.2mm
924-T-1014 Mini Flat IC Desoldering Tip 9.0mm x 18.0mm
924-T-1020 Soldering Tip Shape - Spatula
Discontinued Part No. Product Name
900S-006 Nut
900S-006S Nut (ESD)
A1322 Heating Element 24V
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