Hakko FT-802: Importance of Thermal Wire Strippers


It is important to be careful when wire stripping as any damage to the wires could cause failures and shortages. When improper tools and techniques are used to strip insulation off the electrical wires, it can create nicks in the wire, which overheats and leads to electrical fires and more.

Therefore, thermal wire strippers such as the Hakko FT-802 are useful tools to have when performing wire stripping. The device uses heat as the primary force to remove insulation which is more precise and produces a higher quality of insulation stripping and at the same time reduces the risk of nicking the inner conductor.


Besides that, the set screws and the tweezers structure of FT-802 ensures the perfect blade alignment which allows for a good quality cut. The lead adjuster on the handpiece can also control the length of the insulation being stripped. 

FT-802 VS Conventional Wire Stripper
 FT-802 - Clean cut 
Conventional Wire Stripper - Nicks

FT-802*Strips the insulation of AWG 38 wire with no nicks

*Damage strands and ragged edges 

 FT-802 Wire Stripper Blades Options 


 Wire Stripper Blade

 For general purpose or larger wire


 Wire Stripper Blade

 For AWG 18 to 28 wires


 Wire Stripper Blade

For AWG 26 to 38 wires 

Tips on using FT-802 thermal wire stripper 

  • Simply use the heat to do the stripping and gently rotate the wire or the blade to ensure a 360° cut. Afterwhich, pull the insulation off gently without using force. 
  • Choose a proper heat setting to soften the insulation without melting it. 
  • Avoid using excessive force to strip or rip the insulation off.

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