Choosing the Right Soldering Iron

How do you select the right Hakko soldering iron?

FX601 Hakko Soldering Iron

Soldering irons are the best tools for light soldering work or projects where the user is working on only a few types of medium. While commonly thought as a cheaper alternative to soldering stations with limited functionality, the soldering iron is in fact a powerful tool with great potential. So, how do you select the right soldering tool for your project?

With convenience and efficiency in mind, Hakko has developed a wide range of soldering irons to meet different needs, all equipped with fast heat-up timing and excellent electrical isolation. From general purpose to specific soldering irons, Hakko Products has a tool for you.

Given multiple soldering irons to choose from, it is important to remember that the best soldering iron is the one that suits your needs. Read on to see which Hakko soldering iron you require.

Is budget an issue?
The Hakko Red and Hakko Dash are wallet-friendly soldering irons, perfect for those just beginning their soldering journey.
Hakko RED (30W / 40W): Nichrome heater soldering iron with an easy-to-use anticorrosive soldering tip that can be used with a variety of soldering works.
Hakko DASH: Ceramic heater with 3x quicker heat-up time and an ergonomic slim handle for easier usage. 

Does your workbench have space constraints?
What happens when you combine the temperature control features of a soldering station with the space saving features of a simple soldering iron? You get the Hakko FX-601 Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron, a tool that allows you to solder with a range of temperatures (240-540°C), all at your fingertips! Simply turn the knob on the handle of the soldering iron to set your desired temperature. The ceramic heater provides excellent heat recovery, optimal for soldering with high heat.
Hakko FX-600200-500°C
Hakko FX-601240-540°C

Always soldering on-the-go?
If you've ever needed to solder off-site or where a power socket isn't readily available, the Hakko FX-901 Cordless Soldering Iron is for you. Solder wherever you want, whenever you want with this battery powered, cordless soldering iron. Simply pop in a couple of AA batteries and you are good to go!

Require a large amount of heat?
The Hakko Presto Soldering Iron features high-speed heat-up with a boost switch that raises the operating power from 20W to 130W, generating large amount of heat for special projects. This ceramic heated soldering iron can be used for a wide range of applications from simple repair of electric appliances to soldering of large components such as transformers.

Looking for a one-handed operation?
Finding it hard to coordinate between the soldering iron, solder feed and holding your components in place? The Hakko MG Soldering Gun takes away the stress by providing a one-handed operation with a manual solder feed and its lightweight body prevents fatigue even with long usage.
582-GP: 30W
583-GP: 40W
585-GP: 60W
587-GP: 80W
589-GP: 100W

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    Choose the best hakko soldering iron for you

    • Hakko Red or Hakko Dash Soldering Iron: For a budget friendly option
    • Hakko FX-600 / FX-601 Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron: To be used when different temperatures are required
    • FX-901 Cordless Soldering Iron: Ideal in situations where a power socket is not readily available
    • Hakko Presto Soldering Iron: Generates a large amount of heat for bigger projects
    • Hakko MG Soldering Gun: Provides a one-handed operation for ease and convenience

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