Using the FG-470 Static Control Wrist Strap Tester

Testing your wrist strap with FG-470

Are your ESD-safe wrist straps functioning well? Test out the effectiveness with the Hakko FG-470 Wrist Strap Tester!

Test your wrist straps in 2 simple steps!

  1. Connect the banana plug of the wrist strap into the jack at the front panel of FG-470. 
  2. Place your hand on the silver pad while wearing the wrist strap (as shown in image above).

Test Results

The LED will light up to indicate the pass/fail status:

  • If static electricity is too high or low, the LED will light up the 'high' or 'low' bulbs accordingly. 
  • If the static range is right, the buzzer will sound and the LED will light up to indicate "pass".

The Hakko FG-470 should be calibrated regularly. Kindly reach out to your local sales representatives for more details.

Connecting the wrist strap to FG-470

There are three ways to connect the wrist strap to the FG-470 tester as shown on the image above.  

  1. Connect the banana plug directly to FG-470.
  2. Pinch an alligator clip to the banana plug connected in FG-470. 
  3. Connect a ground wire to FG-470 and pinch an alligator clip of the wrist strap to the ground wire. 

Mounting the FG-470 

The FG-470 can be mounted on the wall with screws in its holder (included). The device can also be portable and carried about the workplace. 

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