Legal Action on PT Hakko

Dear Customers,


Kindly be informed that Letters of Demand have been sent to PT Hakko Productstama on 22 Feb 2022 by our acting Solicitors and Advocates for their default of payments since September 2021.


The mentioned Batam company with shareholders Aman Risman/Lie Sio Mong and Dewi Murni, and staff Catherlina Mahmub (Cathy Tan), Dwi Riskiyani (Kiki) and Muhammad Hasrul are attempting to clear stocks and are using gmail domain accounts and their private phones to keep in touch with our customers.


All goods with the serial numbers attached to those unpaid shipments will not have warranty claims honoured, and are subject to recovery proceedings.


We highly value our esteemed customers working in reputable companies with strong business ethics and morals. We apologise for our lack of discernment in working with these people, leading to your inconvenience. We are acting strongly to ensure the law will prevail.


Through strong cooperation with you, we have been successful in focusing on meeting your manufacturing needs over the last few weeks. We hope to continue this. Please reach out to us if you have further requirements and keep us updated on your production forecast.


Over the next few months, we will be launching new products for the Batam market. We look forward to becoming your technological partner in the long run.


Yours Faithfully,

Hakko Products Pte Ltd

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