[NEW] 373/374 Attachment: Tube Unit and Guide Pipe Assembly

New tube unit and guide pipe assembly 

The most common soldering technique is with one hand holding the soldering iron, and the other guiding the solder wire. However, difficulties arise when there are intricate components which needs to be held in place or the workpiece itself needs stabilizing. 

With that in mind, Hakko strives to continuously improve its Automatic Solder Feeder System (Hakko 373/374). A good solder feeder uses a tube system that attaches to the soldering iron and has a guide pipe or nozzle that directs the flux-cored wire solder to the tip at a fixed position.  The wire is pushed through the tube system by a motor and drive system that can be set by the user to control the amount of solder and how quickly it is applied. The drive system is usually triggered by a push-button attached to the soldering iron or by a foot pedal. 

The Hakko 373/374 and their accompanying tube unit and guide pipe assemblies allows for a more consistent solder feed and frees up your other hand to stabilize the workpiece or components. It reduces human errors and makes the soldering process much more ergonomic.

Introducing the new tube unit and guide pipe assembly for the best productivity.

The new tube unit that feeds solder from the underside of the tip is now in the lineup. The new guide pipe assembly is designed to be set at closer to the tip, improving the handling of the iron. 

Traditional Tube Unit - Top Feeder

New Tube Unit - Bottom Feeder


Advantage of the "Heat-Bridge" Effect
The combination of the new tube unit and guide pipe assembly feeds solder from the underside of the tip and makes it possible to obtain "heat-bridge effect" in which molten solder helps heat transfer to enable ideal soldering.

What is a "Heat-Bridge"? It is the phenomenon where the heat from the tip is being transferred quickly to soldering joint area via molten solder. It is one of the important elements to achieve good soldering.

Easy Maintenance
Underside feeding results in less flux residue, reducing the need to change pipes frequently, as compared to the traditional set-up where the guide pipe assembly is in direct line of the flux fume. 

Easy Adjustment of the Solder Feeding Position
The position of solder feeding is critical to soldering quality. The new tube unit makes it easy to adjust the solder feeding position. The snug and secure fit of tube unit to iron also reduces the need to repeatedly tighten tube unit, cutting down maintenance time.

Easy Tip Replacement
Tip can be replaced without removing the tube unit and the adjusted guide pipe assembly. It saves the trouble of adjusting the position of solder feeding.

Quick and Easy Tip Cleaning with FT-720
With the FT-720, you can clean tips quickly even with the guide pipe assembly attached. 

Dedicated Receptacle on Iron Holder
With the dedicated receptacle, conventional iron holders can accept the iron with the new guide pipe assembly. The type of receptacle differs depending on the irons. Kindly view the combination table to ensure you get the correct part number. 

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