[NEW] FT-720 Tip Cleaner

 Introducing the new FT-720 tip cleaner

The FT-720 is the latest addition to the line of tip cleaners, following crowd favourites such as the FT-710 and 599B. With an automated sensor and its ability to clean a wide variety of soldering tips, the FT-720 is a game changer. Lengthen the lifespan of your soldering tips by keeping them clean, and combine it with your FH-200 Iron Holder for a more ergonomic soldering experience!

Quick tip cleaning
As the infrared sensor detects a tip being inserted, the brushes start rotating automatically to clean a tip quickly.

Reduced Tip Cleaning Time
Increasing efficiency in soldering process by reducing time for tip cleaning

Cleans a Variety of Tip Shapes
FT-720 is able to quickly clean a variety of tip shapes, even soldering irons with the guide pipe assembly attached.

Minimizing Drops in Tip Temperature
FT-720 can help increase productivity by shortening the cleaning time and minimizing the tip temperature drop with no use of water.

Reduction of Solder Balls
The narrow opening of the P.W.B. cover reduces scattering of solder balls, keeping the work environment nice and clean. (FOD prevention)

Adjustable Opening Size
The FT-720 has an adjustable opening size to accommodate the different types of soldering irons used. By removing the adjuster, it allows the cleaner to accept wider soldering tips, even tips with the guide pipe assembly attached. The removed adjuster can be stored inside the unit.

Easy Maintenance
It is easy to remove the solder brush and the bin within the cleaner to remove solder waste.

Compatible with FH-200 Iron Holder
The compact FT-720 can be fitted easily into the FH-200 (sold separately) to make it more convenient to clean and then store your soldering iron.

Less Replacement Needed
The long-lifespan brushes used in the FT-720 requires less replacement, helping you save cost in the long run. 

Brush Lineup for Different Purposes
In addition to the standard brush, two more optional brushes are available (sold separately) for different purposes.

Brush Type Purpose 

Standard: Fluoroplastic Brush
Long-life brush with excellent durability
Effective in reducing of solder balls while tip cleaning
Part No. A5063

Optional: Resin Brush
Effective in reducing the impact of tip oxidation
Recommended for soldering with lead-free alloy or halogen-free flux
Part No. A1566

Optional: Metal Brush
Effective in removing solder from a tip completely
Recommended for soldering fine and precise components
Part No. A1567


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