Preventing Oxidation of Soldering Tips

How to prevent oxidation?

Oxidation of soldering tips occurs over extended usage or at high temperatures. However, there are ways to prevent or delay the process of oxidation, to increase the lifespan of your soldering tips. 

Oxidized Soldering Tip

Keep the temperature as low as possible
Never increase the temperature to more than what is required to melt the solder wire.

Switch the power off when not in use
The iron continues to heat up even when it is set aside. Make sure to completely turn off the iron or station when you are done with soldering.

Cleaning the Tip
Use wire-type cleaner such as HAKKO 599B which leaves some amount of solder on the tip when cleaning the tip. Some solder residue helps to prevent oxidization.
Remove oxide using the Hakko FS-100 Chemical Cleaning Paste. In the event that the chemical paste cannot remove the oxides, use the Hakko FT-700 tip polisher first and then use the chemical paste.

Cover the Tip
After cleaning the tip with a damp cleaning sponge or a dry cleaning wire, make it a habit to cover the tip with new solder at the end of soldering or before putting the soldering iron into position in the iron holder during soldering work. This seals the tip and prevents exposure to air, reducing the chances of it being oxidized. 

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