Product Voltage Notice

Dear Customers, 

Please note the variances in voltages when purchasing our soldering stations, irons, desoldering and rework stations. It is essential to purchase products with right voltages for the product to work in your country as a wrong voltage may cause the product to burn out. 

The voltages of products sold in each country corresponds to the country's supplied voltage. This means that all HAKKO products sold by Hakko Products Pte Ltd are of 230V, while all HAKKO products sold by Hakko USA in the United States are of 120V.

When purchasing online, kindly ensure that you are purchasing the right voltage as many listings available on American e-commerce platforms such as Amazon are of 120V and are not suitable for use in South East Asia. As such purchases were via resellers and not our official sales channels, they are not under warranty from Hakko Products Pte Ltd. 

Voltages Countries
100V Japan
110V Taiwan
120V USA, Canada
220V Philippines, Vietnam
230V Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, UK and EU
240V Malaysia 

At the same time, there are many counterfeit products in the market that are not produced by HAKKO and are not created to standard. Such products have no certifications and may burn out easily. Click for more information

With that, Hakko Products Pte Ltd would like to reiterate that our official sales channels in Singapore and South East Asia are:

All products sold on our website and on Lazada SG/Shopee SG are of 230V, and all products sold on our website to Malaysia and Lazada/Shopee Malaysia are of 240V.

We thank you for your continuous support.  

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