Soldering Connectors

Recommended tips for soldering connectors

SMD Shape Spatula

The spatula type is capable of heating multiple pins or lead wires at once and is used for rework of SMDs, mainly for thermo-compression of Printed Wiring Boards (P.W.B.) and soldering shield cases or connectors.

How to remove connectors

  1. Apply flux to the leads
  2. Place the spatula tip against the joints, warming it up
  3. Allow the solder to melt, releasing the connector
  4. Remove the connector using tweezers etc 

    Tips for removing connectors

    SMD Spatula Tip Removal

    Selecting Spatula Tip Size

    Select the head not by the number of pins but by the package size [length x width x height] including legs.

    SMD Spatula Applying Solder

    Applying Solder

    Applying sufficient solder to the tip ends makes removing the component easier.

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