Soldering Pot Does Not Turn On

Is your solder pot non-operational?

If your solder pot does not turn on even with your power switch set to 'ON', it could be due to one of the 2 reasons below:

Cause 1: Disconnected Power Cord

  1. Check that the power cord is plugged into the soldering pot

Cause 2: Blown Fuse

  1. Check that the fuse is not blown
  2. Check that the fuse has the right specifications
  3. Check the fuse ratings
Fuse Specifications Power Voltage
125V-5A 100-110V, 120V
250V-5A 220-240V, KTL, CE

To replace the fuse, purchase the proper 5A fuse according to the power voltage of your country and the product, and replace the fuse with a straight-blade screwdriver. It is recommended to get the replacement parts from the same store the main unit was purchased.

Additionally, in the event that the fuse is fine, it could be that the power cord or P.W.B is broken. Kindly return your unit to the place of purchase for repair if the issue is with the power cord or P.W.B, if the fuse is often blown or if the fuse is not blown but the machine still does not operate

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