Soldering Tip: Concave Shape

How to use Concave Shape + Examples

Shape Concave

This tip has a concave section (or V-groove) at the tip to allow better access to the lead. The wider surface area that comes into contact with the board and the lead means that there is an excellent heat supply to the solder joints, ensuring sufficient solder flow-up. It is recommended for multi-layered boards or thick printed wiring boards (PWB).

When to use concave soldering tip:

  • Lead-free solder does not flow-up sufficiently
  • Having to use 2 soldering irons or a desoldering tool to provide more heat to solder joints
  • Unable to use a preheater
  • High heat capacity required for your workpiece

There are 2 types, concave and V-groove. You should select and use the one according to your preference for specific flute width, angle of contact, heat capacity determined by flute shape, as well as land size and lead diameter.

Shape Concave vs V-Groove

Shape Concave and V-Groove are only available in T12, T20 and T33 Series Soldering tips.

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