Soldering Tip: Shape S (Narrow Pitch Soldering)

How to use Shape S + Examples

Shape S

Shape S is derived from other shapes (B, C, D, I) and adapted to be suitable for narrow-pitch soldering while still maintaining the shape. Shape S has a narrower neck to avoid touching nearby components on a packed circuit board. 

Other shapes suited for narrow-pitch soldering: Shape I, Shape K. However, please note that 900M-T-S10 and 900M-T-S11 are not suitable for narrow-pitch soldering. 

Soldering Tiny Chip Parts (0603)

Shape SB Shape SB: Tip end size R0.2

The special shape of the fine tip end makes it easy to solder a tiny chip.
Shape S Shape S: Tip end size R0.5

Soldering at Narrow Pitches

Shape SB

The special shape of the Shape SB fine tip end prevents it from touching nearby chips.

Shape B VS Shape SB

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