Tools Needed to Solder XLR Cables

Tools Required

  • Soldering Iron 
    The FX-888DX is the perfect tool to get the right temperatures while soldering
  • Round or Chisel Shaped Tips
    The Shape B or D series tips are ideal in getting the solder to melt around the cables and the terminals
  • Solder Wire
    For XLR cables, a 0.040 inch diameter solder is sufficient
  • Wire Strippers
    To expose cable wires for soldering, use 106-11 or 106-12 
  • Flush Cutters
    To trim wires and solder wire, use 106-05

Additional Tools:

  • Desolder Pump or Desolder Wick
    The DS01P or FR-150 Desolder Wicks are good to remove excess solder or to correct soldering mistakes
  • Needle Nose Plier
    Secure wires or hold them in place with the 106-07
  • Tweezers
    For high precision work, check out our range of tweezers
  • Vises/Holder/Helping Hand
    To hold components in place and free up your hands for soldering
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