T12 Series Soldering Tips for FM-2027/FM-2028 Soldering Iron

Soldering tips are not sold together with FM-2028. Kindly purchase them separately. 

  • T12 Series for Asia, Japan, Oceania and all other countries (listed below)
  • T15 Series for North America and EU (not shown)
T12 Series
Shape BCM/CM T12-BCM2 Shape-2BC with indent, T12-BCM3 Shape-3BC with indent
Shape BC/C  T12-BC1 Shape-1BC, T12-BC2 Shape-2BC, T12-BC3 Shape-3BC, T12-C1 Shape-1C, T12-C4 Shape-4C, T12-C08 Shape-0.8C (for narrow workpieces)
Shape BC/C Long Life Type: T12-BC1Z Shape-1BC(Z), T12-BC2Z Shape-2BC(Z), T12-BC3Z Shape-3BC(Z), T12-C4Z Shape-4C(Z)
Shape BC/C Tinned Cut Surface only: T12-BCF1 Shape-1BC, T12-BCF2 Shape-2BC, T12-BCF3 Shape-3BC, T12-CF4 Shape-4C
Shape BC/C Long Life Type and Tinned Cut Surface: T12-BCF1Z Shape-1BC(Z), T12-BCF2Z Shape-2BC(Z), T12-BCF3Z Shape-3BC(Z), T12-CF4Z Shape-4C(Z)
Shape B T12-B Shape-B, T12-B2 Shape-0.5B, T12-B3 Shape-0.7B, T12-B4 Shape-0.4B, T12-BL Shape-BL,
Shape B Long Life Type: T12-B2Z Shape-0.5B(Z), T12-BZ Shape-B(Z)
Shape B Heavy Duty Type:  T12-WB2 Shape-0.5WB
Shape D T12-D08 Shape-0.8D, T12-D12 Shape-1.2D, T12-D16 Shape-1.6D, T12-D24 Shape-2.4D, T12-D4 Shape-4D, T12-D52 Shape-5.2D, T12-DL08 Shape-0.8DL, T12-DL12 Shape-1.2DL, T12-DL32 Shape-3.2DL, T12-DL52 Shape-5.2DL
Shape D Long Life Type: T12-D12Z Shape-1.2D(Z), T12-D16Z Shape-1.6D(Z), T12-D24Z Shape-2.4D(Z), T12-D4Z Shape-4D(Z)
Shape D Heavy Duty Type: T12-WD08 Shape-0.8WD, T12-WD12 Shape-1.2WD, T12-WD16 Shape-1.6WD, T12-WD52 Shape-5.2WD
Shape I T12-I Shape-I, T12-IL Shape-IL, T12-ILS Shape-ILS (Narrow pitch Soldering Type - Shape S)
Shape I Heavy Duty Type: T12-WI Shape-WI
Shape J T12-J02 Shape-0.2J, T12-JL02 Shape-0.2JL, T12-JS02 Shape-0.2JS (Narrow-pitch Soldering Type - Shape S)
Shape K T12-K Shape-K, T12-KF Shape-KF, T12-KU Shape-KU
Shape K Long Life Type: T12-KFZ Shape-KF(Z), T12-KRZ Shape-KR(Z)
Shape K For Drag Soldering: T12-KL Shape-KL (Left Handed), T12-KR Shape-KR (Right Handed)
Shape Concave T12-1610 with V-groove, T12-1612 with concave
SMD Type: Shape Quad Workpiece Size (mm)
T12-1201 Quad 13.6 x 8.5
T12-1202 Quad 10.3 x 10.3
T12-1203 Quad 12.8 x 12.8
T12-1204 Quad 17.9 x 17.9
T12-1205 Quad 23.4 x 17.3
T12-1206 Quad 22.5 x 16.5
T12-1207 Quad 15.5 x 15.5
T12-1208 Quad 5.8 x 15.8
T12-1209 Quad 8.4 x 8.4
SMD Type: Shape Tunnel Workpiece Size (mm)
 T12-1001 Tunnel 5.1 x 4.6
T12-1002 Tunnel 5.1 x 10.4
T12-1003 Tunnel 9.5 x 18.3
T12-1004 Tunnel 9.5 x 15.8
T12-1005 Tunnel 9.5 x 13.2
T12-1006 Tunnel 6.9 x 11.4
T12-1007 Tunnel 7.9 x 18.8
T12-1008 Tunnel 19.5 x 10.2
T12-1009 Tunnel 13.4 x 20.5
T12-1010 Tunnel 19.5 x 12
SMD Type: Shape Spatula Workpiece Size (mm)
 T12-1401 Spatula 10.4 x 2
T12-1402 Spatula 15.7 x 2
T12-1403 Spatula 21.2 x 2
T12-1404 Spatula 25 x 2
T12-1405 Spatula 32 x 2
T12-1406 Spatula  40 x 2.2
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