Hakko Rewards

Hakko Rewards is a membership program that rewards and thanks loyal customers for shopping on hakko.com.sg in Singapore. The program benefits all Hakko Products customers with an account, rewarding customers with Hakko Koins, a point system that can then be exchanged for cash vouchers for further purchases.

To start, simply click the button on the lower left corner and sign in/sign up with your Hakko Products account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply create an account with us to join the Hakko Rewards program. You will receive 50 Koins just by signing up on hakko.com.sg! When you make purchases while logged in, you earn 10 Koins with every SGD1 spent*. There are also other actions you can perform to gain more Koins which can be accumulated to redeem rewards. The Koins are awarded when payment has been captured by the system. 

Customers who do not wish to create an account can still purchase from our website, however, please note that without an account, there will be no tracking of orders to convert into Hakko Koins. 

Hakko Koins can only be earned for purchases made while logged in on hakko.com.sg. Online purchases made via Hakko Lazada or Hakko Shopee are not eligible for Hakko Koins. Orders made prior to creating an account or while logged out are also not eligible. 

*Hakko Koins are awarded to the total order value before tax.

1. Simply click the button on the lower left corner of the screen. 

2. A panel will pop up with a prompt to sign in or create an account. This is the same customer account on hakko.com.sg. If you have already created an account with us, simply log in here with the same credentials. Otherwise, you may click 'Join now' to create a new account.

3. After creating an account, you'll receive some Hakko Koins as a sign up bonus. These Koins accumulate with every $1 spent which can then be exchanged for cash vouchers. 

Log in to your account via the button on the bottom left corner of the screen. A panel will pop out to display your current Koins as well as the rewards that you are eligible to redeem. It also shows all other available actions you may take to earn additional Koins.

Koins are only awarded after payment has been captured by the system. It may take up to 2 working days for the new Koins to be reflected on your account. In the event of discrepancies, kindly reach out to us via chat (lower right corner button) with your order number(s).

Hakko Koins do not expire. You may continue to accumulate Koins across different years.

50 Koins are awarded once every year on your birthday. Please note that in order to be eligible for this, you will need to input your birthday at least 30 days in advance of the actual day, otherwise the Koins will be awarded the following year.

Once you have accumulated sufficient Koins, you can open the Hakko Rewards panel by clicking the button on the lower left of the screen. Inside the rewards dashboard, you can see all rewards available to you. There will be a "redeem button" for the eligible rewards.

Simply select the reward you want and click redeem. It will redirect you to a page with the promo code which you can then apply at check out. If you are not yet ready to purchase, fret not! The promo code/reward will remain available in your account when you return the next time to check out, and will only expire when it is redeemed.

*Please note that unused rewards will NOT be returned as Koins, kindly redeem the rewards only when you are sure you will use it.

Give $5 and Get $5!
By referring a friend, you can give them $5 for their first purchase, while you get $5 to spend for your next order!

Please note that both requires a minimum spending of $50 to redeem the $5 off. In the rewards panel, scroll to the bottom and copy your unique referral URL, which you can then share to your friends via your messaging apps, Facebook, Twitter or email.

*$5 is awarded to the new user for their very first order. $5 is awarded to the referrer once the new user's first order is completed.