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FT-710 Tip Cleaner

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Solder-Splash-Preventing Rotary Tip Cleaner
Solder removal level can be adjusted using two different types of brushes.
Brushes can be replaced without using and tools.
Safe design prevents solder waste from entering drive section.
Comparison of how much solder is removed by the different cleaning methods.
*This cleaner cannot be used with the T12-JL02, quad, tunnel and spatula type soldering tips of the T12 series. Can be used with the T19 series only with the use of a custom-ordered receptacle. Cannot be used with FX8802 and FX8803 of the T18 series. Some tips with dimensions cannot be adjusted with standard receptacles.

      Please refer to the user manual for more tips!


      Tip cleaner having both wire-type and sponge-type advantages

      Prevents solder from splashing when cleaning.

      • Inserting just the tip into the receptacle completely prevents solder from splashing.

      Inserting the iron here blocks the receptacle and prevents solder from splashing.

      Two-types of brushes control how much solder is removed.

      • Solder removal status can be adjusted by plastic brushes and metallic brushes.
      • With wire-type cleaners, excessive amounts of solder remain on the tip, which causes solder to splash when soldering.
      • With sponge-type cleaners, oxidation is promoted, which causes shorter tip life.
      • A tip cleaner with both wire-type and sponge-type advantages eliminates the above problems when soldering.

      Minimizes decrease in temperature of the tip while cleaning.

      • Inserting the tip turns the brush automatically; no need to switch it on and off.
      • Reduces the tip cleaning time between soldering works to increase work efficiency.
      • The electric rotary cleaner provides a uniform final cleaning status with no differences between individuals.

      Comparison of decrease in tip temperature by cleaning method

      • If decrease in temperature is small, the time for a single cleaning also becomes short.
      • Because cleaning is performed many times per day, the overall working time can be also shortened.
      • Time for single cleaning (The time for a single cleaning is measured as the time until the tip temperature reaches the set temperature after cleaning.)
      HAKKO FT-710
      Approx. 2.3 sec. (reference value)
      Wire-type HAKKO 599B
      Approx. 2.9 sec. (reference value)
      Cleaning sponge Approx. 6.0 sec. (reference value)


      The low-noise design relieves stress due to noise during work.

      • This cleaner is very quiet in comparison with competitor's electric tip cleaner.


      Easy to maintain

      • Easy-to-replace brushes → Brushes can be replaced without removing any screws. 
      • Solder left inside is stored in "Solder waste collector". → Solder does not splash all over the inside of the main body. 
      • Safe design prevents brushes from turning unexpectedly during replacement. → The brush cannot be replaced unless the AC adapter is unplugged.

      This tip cleaner can be attached to HAKKO iron holders HAKKO FH-101, FH-200 and FH-201.

      • This tip cleaner can be attached to any of the above 3 iron holders using just 2 screws.
      • For other iron holders, this tip cleaner can be placed next to the iron holder.



      Please refer to this post for Receptacles.

      Model No. Packing List
      FT-710 Unit, AC adapter, Receptacle A and B, Lock nut, Gauge, Instruction manual

      NOTE: Optional part ‘Receptacle C (B3519)' is also available to be used with HAKKO 917 (Discontinued) (Station HAKKO 938 (Discontinued), HAKKO FM-2026 and HAKKO FX-8301 (Station HAKKO FX-838).


      Model No. FT-710
      Rating DC 24 V 130 mA
      Brush rotational speed 2,500rpm
      Standard receptacle Receptacle A and B
      Dimensions 71(W)×77(H)×107(D) mm
      Weight 450g


      AC Adapter

      Output voltage DC 24 V





      Lock nut


      Receptacle A


      Receptacle B


      Cleaning brush A (plastic brush, qty 2)


      Solder waste collector


      Pulley belt