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FX1002 Soldering Iron

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Micro soldering iron for induction heating system Temperature series: 350ºC and 400ºC Compatible with HAKKO FX-100, IH soldering station

An IH (High-Frequency Induction Heating) micro-soldering iron for the T35 Series of soldering tips

  • Especially suited for soldering microchips and other chips with narrow pin pitches under a microscope
  • Secures field of vision under a microscope with Φ3 mm soldering tip
  • 2 temperature series, 350°C and 400°C
Model No. FX1002-81
Temperature range T35-02 Series: 400℃, T35-03 Series: 350℃
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element IH (Induction heating)
Cord length 1.3m
Total length 166mm (with T35-02D1)
Weight 21g (with T35-02D1)

Packing list : Hand piece (with yellow sleeve assembly ), instruction manual


Soldering Tips - T35 Series

For 350℃ - Shape D
  • T35-03D06
  • T35-03D1
For 400℃ - Shape D
  • T35-02D06
  • T35-02D1
For 350℃ - Shape I
  • T35-03I
For 400℃ - Shape I
  • T35-02I
For 350℃ - Shape J
  • T35-03J
For 400℃ - Shape J
  • T35-02J
For 350℃ - Shape K
  • T35-03KU
For 400℃ - Shape K
  • T35-02KU