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FX791 N2 Flowmeter

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Flowmeter for N2 soldering iron with flow control valve and regulator.

Please refer to the User Manual for detailed specifications.


N2 Flowmeter

  • Compact and space-saving
  • Precise Now setting level from 0.25L/min. (The recommended flow level is between 0.5L/min. and 1.5L/min., which should be adjusted according to the tip shape.)

Part No. No. FX791-01

NOTE:  The HAKKO FX-780 N2 gas generator must be purchased separately.

Model No. FX-791

Pressure gauge for discharged gas: 0.2MPa (2.0kgf/cm2)

Gas flow: 0.25 to 2.5L/min.

Dimensions: 70(W)×121(H)×134(D)mm

Weight: 0.6kg