Hakko FT-710 and Iron Holders

FT-710 Tip Cleaner

Hakko FT-710 is a tip cleaner that needs to be used with an iron holder. It should not be used as an iron holder nor should the soldering iron be left inside for more than the time it takes to clean the iron. 

Be sure to use this cleaner together with an iron holder as shown above.

Iron holders can be used with the FT-710 Tip Cleaner in 2 combinations.

Combination A Combination B
  • Hakko FH-101 (FX-950)
  • Hakko FH-200 (FX-951)
  • Hakko FH-201 (FX-952)
Other models of iron holders can simply be placed next to the FT-710 

Note: Do not leave the soldering iron in the FT-710 when both devices are switched on as it will burn the tip.

Do not leave the soldering iron in the HAKKO FT-710 when both are switched on. Doing so will cause the tip to be burnt black as shown in the photo.


Click here to learn how to use Hakko FT-710!

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