Using the Hakko FT-710 Tip Cleaner

Cleaning a soldering tip


  1. Insert and press the tip downward into the receptacle for approximately two seconds. The brush will start rotating to clean the tip.
  2. For types D and K directional tips, ensure the surface of the tip comes into contact with the cleaning brush.

FT-710 Cleaning duration 

Comparison of decrease in tip temperature by cleaning method

The FT-710 tip cleaner can clean tips at a shorter time which increase work efficiency and prevents the tip from damage. It takes approximately 2.3 seconds to clean the tip.

 FT-710 Cleaning Brushes 

Hakko FT-710 has two different types of replaceable brushes, made of either metal or resin. The two brushes have different control on the amount of the residual solder left on the tips. Resin brush can be used to clean lead-free soldering and flux on the tip, while leaving some residue to prevent oxidation. On the other hand, metal brushes completely remove residual solder, which may cause quicker oxidation of the soldering tip. 

To prevent oxidation, add a bit of molten solder to coat the tip once the cleaning is complete. 

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