Hakko Hot Tweezers

What are hot tweezers used for? 

Hot tweezers are designed for desoldering and removing SMD components. The tweezer ends heat up and deliver direct heat to the components. This helps to prevent damage to neighbouring components, especially on a packed board. It also allows the user to remove individual SMD parts for more targeted rework instead of melting the entire board with a heater. 

Hakko has various hot tweezers that cater to different types of components and applications. Check out our tweezers below!

Hakko Hot Tweezers

FM-2022 FM-2023

FM-2022 SMD Hot Tweezers Handpiece Only 230V - Hakko Products Pte Ltd


  • Has two tips which one remains stationary while the other moves inward remaining parallel.
  • Can be used together with FM-203 and FM-206. 
  • Uses the T8 series tweezers. 
    • Mini hot tweezers that are designed to use on small chips. 
    • Can be used together with FM-203 and FM-206. 

      FX-8804 FX-1003
      FX-1003 IH Micro Hot Tweezers
      • Uses Hakko True Ceramic technology
      • Easy removal of SMD chips up to 25mm. 
      • Designed exclusively for FX-888D, FX-889, FR-701 and FR-702. 
      • "Induction Heating Micro Hot Tweezers" makes rework on 0402 easy and convenient. 
      • Excellent thermal performance
      • 4 types of tweezers alignments to secure the suitable contact of tips and micro components. 


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