Hakko Micro Soldering Irons

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Micro Components SMT

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a method where electrical components are mounted on the surface of the circuit board. As the demands for compact and lightweight electronic devices increases, electrical components are progressively manufactured to be smaller and placed closer together. 

However, such small micro components can be hard to see and solder with the use of traditional soldering irons, even under a microscope. To combat this issue, micro soldering irons are used!

What is a Micro Soldering Iron?

Micro soldering irons are designed for smaller electrical components that include 0201s, 01005, 008004 and more. They are slimmer and shorter than the traditional soldering irons and the tips used are also smaller in diameter, which make it easier when working under a microscope. 

Hakko Micro Soldering Irons

 FX-1002 FM-2032


  • Uses induction heating technology
  • Uses T35 series which are available in 350°C and 400°C (Ideal for soldering microchips and chips with narrow pin pitches under a microscope)
  • Compatible with FX-100 and IH soldering stations
  • Uses composite ceramic technology
  • Fine tip and slim handpiece (Ideal for soldering under a microscope)
  • Uses T30 series
  • Compatible with N2 system
  • Compatible with FX-951, FM-203 & FM-206

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