Improve your Soldering & Desoldering Process

Improve your Soldering

  1. Avoid excessive temperature settings.
  2. Select the correct soldering tip for the job.
  3. Maintain solder tips properly.
  4. Use the appropriate cleaning method for lead-free solders (599B-02 Tip Cleaner).

Improve your Desoldering

  1. Choose a desoldering nozzle with an inside diameter that matches the lead diameter closely.
  2. Ensure the outside diameter of the nozzle matches the PCB pad diameter.
  3. Hold the desoldering nozzle vertically at 90 degrees to the PCB surface for a good seal and maximum vacuum force.
  4. Use an underboard heater if necessary to reduce desoldering time.
  5. Maintain the desoldering equipment, including the nozzle, solder reservoir, and filters.
  6. Inspect and replace the pre-filter and filter within the desoldering gun as needed.


  1. Optimize solder flow by applying a small amount of solder wire to the joint before reworking.
  2. Regularly inspect and empty the solder cartridge/filter pipe.
  3. Periodically inspect and replace filters and pre-filters in the desoldering gun.
By following these recommendations, you can improve both your soldering and desoldering processes.
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