Understanding Soldering Tip Part Numbers

Soldering Tips and Nozzles

Understanding Hakko Part Number

With so many Hakko Soldering Tips and Nozzles, how do you ensure you're purchasing the right one? Read on to better understand what each part number represents.

Hakko Soldering Tip and Nozzles have a similar naming convention as the rest of the Hakko products, where the part number comprises 2 or 3 sections.

First Section: Tip/Nozzle Number
This section shows the series of soldering tip or nozzle it belongs to. For most soldering stations or soldering irons, they have one compatible series of tips.
For example:

  • FX-888D uses T18 Series Tips
  • FX-601 uses T19 Series Tips.

Within each series of tips, there are a wide range of shapes and sizes, which are identified by the next 2 sections. 

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Second Section: Shape
The shape of the tip is shown in this section. Most soldering tips have multiple shapes, such as Shapes B, BC/C, D, I, K, etc. 

Different shapes are required for different types of soldering work - Shape B and D are capable of most types of soldering; Shape I is best suited for micro-soldering. 

Third Section: Size
Finally, after selecting your shape, the size of the tip matters. A bigger tip size holds higher heat capacity which allows the solder to melt quicker, while a smaller tip size provides greater accuracy especially on a congested PCB. Select the tip size by looking at the third section of the part number to identify the one that is best suited for you. 

NOTE: Certain series only have one shape or one size per shape. 

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