Update on 900M Series Soldering Tips

Switch to T18 Soldering Tip

Looking for a replacement for your 900M Series Soldering Tips?

The 900M Series were the original tips used for the FX-888 Soldering Station, which was discontinued 10 years ago.

When the analog FX-888 was replaced with the digital FX-888D Soldering Station, the 900M tips were replaced with the T18 Series, which boasts a higher heat capacity and provides a much quicker and efficient soldering experience.

For the best soldering performance, Hakko recommends switching from the 900M to the T18 Series for soldering tips with better heat recovery. Read on below for the applicable models and thermal recovery performance.

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All tip shapes for the 900M Series are available in the T18 Series.

Applicable Models for T18 Tips Handpieces
FX-888 (Discontinued) FX-8801
FX-888D FX-8801
FX-889 FX-8801
FR-701 FX-8801
FR-702 FX-8801
FX-600 FX-600

 Thermal Recovery Performance

As seen from the graph below, it takes 28.5 seconds for the FX-888 + T18 to reach the desired temperature of 250°C, as compared to 31 seconds with the 900M tip.

T18 vs 900M Comparison Graph

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