Lead Cutter and Former 153 / 154 - Hakko Products Pte Ltd
Lead Cutter and Former 153 / 154 - Hakko Products Pte Ltd

Lead Cutter and Former 153 / 154

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[This is a pre-order product and will take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Kindly view pre-order FAQs before purchasing.]
  • Lead cutter and former for axial components
  • Lead cutting operation for taped components can be continuously performed using the same size settings once they are made
  • Possible to use together with 152B (motor drive)
  • Cutting and forming for tape-type axial components and annealed copper lead wire
  • Easy to use - simply set the taped components in place and turn the handle.
  • Ideal for processing tape-type components. Improved, longer-life cutting blade for a clean, smooth cut.
  • Sealed bearings for longer service life and greater durability and efficiency.
  • Can be used for forming and cutting, forming only, or cutting only.
  • Components with lead frame (multangular lead) are unsuitable.
  • Can be combined with the Hakko 152B.
153 154
Cutting and forming
HAKKO 153 Cutting and forming
Cutting and forming
HAKKO 154 Cutting and forming
HAKKO 153 Forming
HAKKO 154 Forming
HAKKO 153 �J�b�e�B���O�T�C�Y
HAKKO 154 �J�b�e�B���O�T�C�Y


Model No.



Forming size

5.6mm pitch

5mm pitch

Max.diameter of lead wire

Φ0.8mm (MAX.)

Φ0.5mm (MAX.)

Lead wire

For annealed copper lead wire only

Outer width of tape

85mm (MAX.)

Taping pitch







* Square lead wire is not adapted.
* Weight (w/ handle, clamp)



Replacement Parts

Name Specifications
A1098 Bending wheel guide (P) for 153
A1099 Bending wheel guide (H) for 153
A1100 Bending wheel (P) for 153
A1101 Bending wheel (H) for 153
A1102 Bending wheel guide (P) for 154
A1103 Bending wheel guide (H) for 154
A1104 Bending wheel (P) for 154
A1105 Bending wheel (H) for 154
A1106 Cutting blade for 153/154
A1094 Cutting wheel guide (P) for 153/154
A1095 Cutting wheel guide (H) for 153/154
A1096 Cutting wheel (P) for 153/154
A1097 Cutting wheel (H) for 153/154
B1387 Main shaft for 153/154/155
  • We recommend to replace the P side and H side at the same time when you need to change wheel guide or wheel.
  • If the parts cannot be removed from the shaft, a burr may have been formed on the shaft due to overtightening the screws. In this kind of situation, please send for repairs.