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V-Groove Maker (375-1 to 375-4)

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    • Compact, space-saving automatic solder feeder.
    • Reduces the splash of solder and flux by cutting a v-groove onto the solder surface.
    • Solder feed amount can be controlled by turning the switch on or off.
    • Please note that 375-01, 375-02, 375-03 and 375-04 differ in specifications of usable solder diameter.
    • Please refer to the User Manual below for more detailed specifications.

    Optimal for minimizing solder and flux splash

    Solder feeding equipment with V-grooving function for superior cost performance

    Minimize solder and flux splash

    • As shown below, when solder is cut with a V-groove it enables the release of gas pressure generated by the flux, thereby suppressing splash. However, because the V-groove exposes the flux to outside air the solder cannot be stored for a long period of time.
    • When using solder with the HAKKO 375, you can groove the solder that you require.
    Name Specifications
    375-1 0.5mm
    375-2 0.6mm
    375-3 0.8mm
    375-4 1mm


    Model No. 375

    Rating : DC 24 V 75 mA

    Solder feed speed: 27mm/sec.

    Usable solder diameter: Φ0.3, Φ0.5, Φ0.6, Φ0.8, Φ1.0mm

    Dimensions: 78(W)×98(H)×56(D)mm

    Weight: 0.59kg

    AC Adapter

    Output voltage: DC 24 V

    Packing List: Unit, AC adapter, Instruction manual

    Optional Parts

    Part No.




    Foot switch



    Hand switch


    Hand switch

    Connection cord length: Approximately 100 cm
    Switch size: Approx. 30mm (W) × 40mm (D) × 20mm (H)

    When using the hand switch, switching is not possible on the main device.

    Foot switch

    Connection cord length: Approximately 135 cm

    When using the foot switch, switching is not possible on the main device.