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392-6 Pick-Up Tool

392-6 Pick-Up Tool

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Main Unit, Bent Nozzles A1164 and A1165, Pads A1166 and A1167, and Instruction Manual

Availability: PRE-ORDER | LEAD TIME: 8-16 WEEKS

Vacuum Suction Pick-Up Tool


Perfect for the pick up of various electronic component types

  • Suitable for pick up of flat packages, chip resistors etc
  • Applicable for sphere-shaped and small objects

Equipped with a built-in pump

  • Eliminates need for air supply unit
  • Operable immediately in any area with a power supply

High Suction Power

  • Picks up objects with weight up to 120g (with a 7mm dia. pad)

Anti-Static Product

  • Prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD) from harming components
  • Safe for use in ESD-safe zones
Nozzle and Pad Combinations
Nozzle Pad (mm dia.) Max. Suction Power



A1166 (3mm) 20gf
A1312 (5mm) 60gf (Option)
A1167 (7mm) 120gf
A1311 (10mm) 230gf (Option)

*A1165 and A1486 are the only applicable nozzles
*The maximum suction power varies depending on object surface

Nozzle Max. Suction Power Application

A1164 (0.4mm)

Bent Nozzle (Standard Accessory)

0.6gf Chip resistors, other tiny components

A1165* (1.1mm)

Bent Nozzle (Standard Accessory)

*Remove stopper when using A1165 without pad

2gf Small ICs (8-40 pins)

A1198 (0.26mm)

Bent Nozzle (Optional)

- 0603 Chip

A1486 (1.1mm)

Straight Nozzle (Optional)

- -


How to Use/Applications

Pick Up

  • Create suction by covering the hole on the pen with your finger
  • The consistent suction power created helps pick up the component

392 Suction

Pick up 0603 Chip Component

  • The Hakko 392 provides the high precision work required to pick up tiny components like 0603

*The Hakko Pick Up Tools are designed to be used on micro components but not to suction dust. Dust picked up by the tool may clog the system and cause product failure.

  • Model: 392
  • Power Consumption: 5W
  • Max. Pressure: 37.3kPa (280mmHg)
  • Pad: Conductive Silicone Rubber
  • Dimensions (Station): 132 (W) x 83 (H) x 170 (D) mm
  • Dimensions (Pen): 10mm (dia) x 123 (L) mm
  • Dimensions (Hose): 1.1mm
  • Weight (station): 1.65kg
  • Weight (Pen): 25g

*Weight measured without cord, nozzle and pad

Replacement Parts
Part No. Specifications
A1164 0.4mm dia Bent Nozzle
A1165 1.1mm dia Bent Nozzle with stopper
A1166 3.0mm dia Pad
A1167 7.0mm dia Pad
A1198 0.26mm dia Bent Nozzle
A1486 1.1mm dia Straight Nozzle with stopper
A1312 5.0mm dia Pad
A1311 10.0mm dia Pad
B1023 ESD Safe Hose
B1499 Pen
C1058 Pen Assembly with bent nozzles (A1164, A1165) and pads (A1166A1167)
B1496 Inner Hose with Filter
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