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503I-V23 Soldering Iron 230V

503I-V23 Soldering Iron 230V

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[This is a pre-order product and will take 8-12 weeks to arrive. Kindly view pre-order FAQs before purchasing.]

    • Reasonably-priced soldering iron tip with nichrome heater
    • Special double-layered heater for prolonged service life
    • Tip is plated with corrosion-resistant iron

    Easy-to-use anticorrosive soldering tip that can be used for a variety of soldering works.

    30W iron is recommended for simple electric wiring, resistance or switch. 60W iron is recommended for larger parts such as transformer etc.

      • Power Consumption: 60W
      • Voltage: 230V
      • Heating Element: Nichrome
      • Standard Tip: Φ6×85mm (No.BB6)
      • Length: 248mm
      • Weight: 95g

      Soldering tip: BB6 Shape-B (Φ6×85mm)

      Iron Holder: 

      • 602, 603 (with cleaning sponge)
      • 603-022 Holder Part

      Heating Element: 

      • 503-H: 100V (not available in SEA)
      • 503-H-V11: 110V (not available in SEA)
      • 503-H-V12: 120V (not available in SEA)
      • 503-H-V22: 220V (not available in SEA)
      • 503-H-V23: 230V


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