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Hakko FA-400 Desktop Smoke Absorber 230V

Hakko FA-400 Desktop Smoke Absorber 230V

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Main Unit, Filter A1001 (1 piece only), Instruction manual

Desktop solder smoke absorber that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. A third mounting position is also available with an optional arm stand


Adaptable to suit your workspace

  • Vertically mounted: Can absorb widespread smoke.
  • Horizontally mounted: Powerful absorption at closer area with high flow rate. Because of low height, it gives less shade keeping your working area light.
  • Using a stand: When sufficient space cannot be found or to absorb smoke from upper areas:

Significantly-reduced footprint
The FA-400 takes up less space on your workbench. The footprint was reduced by approx. 50% when mounted vertically and by 20% when mounted horizontally compared to our previous model, the HAKKO 493. The height was also reduced by approx. 20%. (Units: mm)

The absorption force at the filter decreases gradually over time as the absorber is used. When the filter surface becomes completely white, the filter should be replaced.
Note: Be careful that moisture does not get on the filter.

  • Power consumption - 50Hz: 19W (220V), 22W (230V), 24W (240V)
  • Power consumption - 60Hz: 16W (220V), 18W (230V), 19W (240V)
  • Noise level 50Hz: 48dB
  • 60Hz: 51dB
  • Maximum suction capacity Vertically: 1.0m3/min. (50Hz) / 1.1m3/min. (60Hz)
  • Maximum suction capacity Horizontally: 0.4m3/min. (50Hz) / 0.5m3/min. (60Hz)
  • Air velocity Vertically: 1.0 m/sec. (50Hz) / 1.1 m/sec. (60Hz)
  • Air velocity Horizontally: 2.6 m/sec. (50Hz) / 2.9 m/sec. (60Hz)
  • Filter size: 130(W) ×130(H) ×10(D)mm
  • Dimensions: 166(W)×212(H)×113(D)mm
  • Weight: 0.91kg
  • * Weight (w/o cord)
  • * Noise level is measured at a distance of 1m from the face of unit.
  • * Maximum suction capacity is measured with a filter present.
Part Number Product Name
A1001 Filter Set (5 pcs)
C1568 Arm Stand with Knobs
B1166 ESD Safe Knobs (2 pcs)
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