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FU6002-01X L-Shaped Iron 230V

FU6002-01X L-Shaped Iron 230V

Soldering Iron for FU-500, FU-600 Auto Soldering Unit.

FU-6001 is straight, and FU-6002 is L-Shaped Soldering Iron.

  • Power consumption: 260W (29V)
  • Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Tip to ground potential: <2mV
  • Cord length: 5m
  • Total length: 194mm (straight type, with 4XD tip), 168mm (L type, with 4XD tip)
  • Weight: 132g (with 4XD tip), 171g (with 4XD tip and iron unit fixing assembly), 134g (with 4XD tip), 173g (with 4XD tip and iron unit fixing assembly)
Soldering Tips

For HAKKO FU-601, soldering tips are not supplied as accessories. Please purchase soldering tips separately. Adapter assembly and Nozzle assembly are required to perform N2 soldering.

TX1 Series Tips
TX2 Series Tips

Replacement Parts
Part Number Product Name 
CX1010 Feeder unit L type, for Φ0.3 to 1.6 mm
CX5006 Feeder unit straight type, for Φ0.3 to 1.6 mm
FU6001-01X Soldering iron FU-6001 (straight)
FU6002-01X Soldering iron FU-6002 (L-shaped)
CX5017 Tip adjustment jig unit for soldering tip TX1 series
CX5018 Tip adjustment jig unit for soldering tip TX2 series
BX1056 Connecting cable for between FU-500 and FU-601
BX1000 - BX1006 Solder feed pulley unit. Various sizes (Φ 0.3mm - 1.6mm)
BX1007 - BX 1009 Solder feed guide set. Various sizes (Φ 0.3mm - 1.6mm)
BX1010 - BX1015 Fluoroplastic/Teflon tube (qty 10). Various sizes (Φ 0.3mm - 1.6mm)
BX1016 - BX1017 Tube unit 1180 L. Various sizes (Φ 0.3mm - 1.6mm)
BX1038 - BX1039 Fluoroplastic tube 1180 L. Various sizes (Φ 0.3mm - 1.6mm)
BX1041 - BX1042 Tube unit 780 L. Various sizes (Φ 0.3mm - 1.6mm)
BX1060 - BX1061 Fluoroplastic tube 780 L. Various sizes (Φ 0.3mm - 1.6mm)
BX1018  Guide Tube
BX1019 - BX1021 Guide Pipe. Various sizes (Φ 0.3mm - 1.6mm)
BX1022 Grommet
BX1027 Flux Protector

Optional Parts

Part Number Product Name
BX1023 N2 adapter assembly for TX1
BX1024 Nozzle assembly A for TX1
BX1025 Nozzle assembly B for TX1
BX1026 Nozzle assembly C for TX1
BX1029 N2 adapter assembly A for TX2
BX1030 Nozzle assembly D for TX2
BX1031 Nozzle assembly E for TX2
BX1065 Nozzle assembly F for TX2
BX1032 Iron Cable 3m for FU-600, FU-601
BX1033 Iron Cable 5m for FU-601
BX1034 Iron Cable 8m for FU-601
BX1035 Feeder Cable 3m for FU-500
BX1036 Feeder Cable 5m for FU-500
BX1037 Feeder Cable 8m for FU-500
CX1000 Slide Unit 
CX1001 Slide Unit for Drag Soldering
BX1043 Spring Post for CX1000 or CX1001
BX1044 Tension Spring for CX1000 or CX1001
CX1002 Temperature Probe
CX1003 Tip Cleaner
A1567 Cleaning Brush B (Metal Brush, qty 2)
BX1028 Solder Scatterproof Sheet for CX1003

Soldering Tips:

Nozzle Assembly

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