FX100-11 Soldering Station 230V

FX100-11 Soldering Station 230V

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Click here to shop compatible tips for FX-100 (T31 Series / T35 Series)

  • FX-100 provides the heat to the tip effectively by ‘Induction heater’
  • In addition, it allows more efficient heat supply with power assist of our unique technology.
  • No calibration is required.
  • Selectable micro soldering iron as usage at your option.

The IH system transforms high-density micro-soldering with the heat power it generates.

  • Unlike resistance-based heating systems that control temperature by turning heater power on and off via a sensor, with an induction heating system the soldering tip itself produces heat and maintains a constant temperature, enabling a small soldering tip to handle high thermal capacity, high-density substrates.


With the IH system, controlling the temperature of the soldering iron is easy

  • Temperature setting control of the soldering iron is easier as the temperature is fixed with the various models in the soldering tip line up, unlike with conventional temperature setting systems.
  • Whatever temperature is selected, it can be displayed on the LCD panel with simple button operations.
  • HAKKO FX-1001 Soldering Iron (standard): 350°C, 400°C, 450°C
  • HAKKO FX-1002 Soldering Iron (optional): 350°C, 400°C

When a slight drop in heat capacity is detected...

  • When there is a drop in heat capacity while soldering, the actual temperature of the tip can be raised slightly by selecting BOOST mode, improving workability.
Two types of soldering irons enable handling of both "high heat capacity, high-density circuit boards" and "soldering under a microscope"

Standard: HAKKO FX-1001 Soldering Iron

Recommended for use with high heat capacity, high-density circuit boards.

Temperature setting:
  • 350°C: T31-03 Series
  • 400°C: T31-02 Series
  • 450°C: T31-01 Series
Option: HAKKO FX-1002 Soldering Iron

Recommended for soldering work under a microscope.

Temperature setting:
  • 350°C: T35-03 Series
  • 400°C: T35-02 Series

Simple three-button operation

  • Large LCD displays information for easy operation and management.

A soldering tip is not included with this product. The desired tips should be purchased separately.

Packing List: 

  1. Soldering station (HAKKO FX-100)
  2. Soldering iron (HAKKO FX-1001)
  3. Power cord
  4. Iron holder (with cleaning sponge and wire)
  5. Heat resistant pad
  6. Heat insulation covers (green and yellow) 
  7. Instruction manual

Specifications: Model No. FX-100

Power consumption: 28W (85W)

Temperature range: T31-01 Series: 450ºC, T31-02 Series: 400ºC, T31-03 Series: 350ºC

Temperature stability: ±1.1ºC


Output power: 50W

Output frequency: 13.56MHz

Dimensions: 127(W)×150(H)×167(D)mm

Weight: 3kg

Soldering Iron

Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω

Tip to ground potential: <2mV

Heating element: IH (Induction heating)

Cord length: 1.3m

Total length: 190mm (with No.T31-02D24 or T31-03D24)/ 193mm (with No.T31-01D24)

Weight: 31g (with No.T31-02D24)

* Total length and weight (w/o cord)


Soldering Tip

T31 Series
Shape BC/C

For 350℃

  • 31-03BC1 
  • T31-03BC28

For 400℃

  • T31-02BC1
  • T31-02BC28

For 450℃

  • T31-01BC1
  • T31-01BC28
Shape B

For 350℃

  • T31-03BL
  • T31-03SBL

For 400℃

  • T31-02BL
  • T31-02SBL

For 450℃

  • T31-01BL
  • T31-01SBL
Shape D

For 350℃

  • T31-03D08
  • T31-03D16
  • T31-03D24
  • T31-03D52
  • T31-03WD08

For 400℃

  • T31-02D08
  • T31-02D16
  • T31-02D24
  • T31-02D52
  • T31-02WD08

For 450℃

  • T31-01D08
  • T31-01D16
  • T31-01D24
  • T31-01D52
  • T31-01WD08
Shape I

For 350℃

  • T31-03I
  • T31-03IL

For 400℃

  • T31-02I
  • T31-02IL

For 450℃

  • T31-01I
  • T31-01IL
Shape J

For 350℃

  • T31-03JS02
  • T31-03J02
  • T31-03JL02

For 400℃

  • T31-02JS02
  • T31-02J02
  • T31-02JL02

For 450℃

  • T31-01JS02
  • T31-01J02
  • T31-01JL02
Shape K

For 350℃

  • T31-03KU

For 400℃

  • T31-02KU

For 450℃

  • T31-01KU

Replacement Parts










Heat resistant pad


Soldering iron FX-1001


Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge, cleaning wire>





Cleaning sponge



Cleaning wire

for FH-800

Optional Parts

Part No.




Soldering iron FX-1002

with Sleeve assembly yellow


HAKKO FX-1002 conversion kit

with Sleeve assembly green, iron holder and heat resistant pad


Sleeve assembly

yellow, for FX-1002


Sleeve assembly

green, for FX-1002


Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge, cleaning wire>

for FX-1002


Rubber cleaner