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FX-650 Dash Ceramic Heater Soldering Iron 230V

FX-650 Dash Ceramic Heater Soldering Iron 230V

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Ceramic heater soldering iron, ideal for electronic circuit assembly. The 15mm diameter slim handle improves your work efficiency.

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The ceramic heater heats up approximately 3x faster than a standard nichrome heater model, while the ergonomic slim handle makes for an easy grip, improving work efficiency.

Quick and easy tip replacement by simply loosening a screw, users can swap out the supplied Shape B tip with 6 other tip shape models. 

  • Specification: 220-240V, 3 wire cord.
  • Standard tip: (Shape-B) T34-B is included.
  • Power consumption: 15 to 16W
  • Heating element: Ceramic heater
  • Total length: 224mm (with B tip)
  • Weight: 60g (with B tip)
Soldering Tips (T34)

T34 Series 

Replacement Parts
Part Number Product Name
A5010 Heating Element 100V (not available in SEA)
A5011 Heating Element 110-120V (not available in SEA)
A5012 Heating Element 220-240V 

Optional Parts

Part Number Product Name
FH300-81 Iron holder with cleaning sponge 
633-01 Iron holder with 599B
633-02 Iron holder with cleaning sponge
605M Hakko 605 iron cover (new model, m)
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