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FX-8003 N2 Soldering Iron 230V [Discontinued]

FX-8003 N2 Soldering Iron 230V [Discontinued]

Discontinued (YYYY/MM): 2024/02

Nitrogen (N2) soldering iron designed exclusively for HAKKO FX-801 Heavy Duty Soldering Station. Please refer to the user manual for more tips!

Click here to shop compatible soldering tips for FX-8003 (tips not included)


Preventing oxidation
The Nitrogen gas (N2) runs into the nozzle assembly and covers the soldering tip. This prevents the soldering tip and the heater from being readily oxidized and aids in preheating.

Improved wettability
A sufficiently hot soldering tip has a more efficient heat transfer, improving the solder wettability and spreadability. Heated N2 gas improves solderability, and prevents components from getting bridges when working even with lead-free solder or high-temperature solder.

Preheating effect
N2 gas assists soldering iron to heat the objects effectively. It contributes to work at lower setting temperature without spoiling work efficiency.

Powerful thermal recovery
Can be used in combination with your existing high power soldering station, HAKKO FX-801.

N2 System
Can be used in combination with the HAKKO FX-780/FX-781 and HAKKO FX-791 to create an N2 System.

  • Packing List: N2 soldering iron, Instruction manual
  • Please note: This unit does not include neither a soldering tip nor a nozzle assembly. When purchasing this unit, please purchase your desired soldering tip and nozzle assembly separately.
  • Please note: This soldering iron cannot be used as a stand-alone unit.
  • Power consumption: 260W (29V)
  • Temperature range: 50 to 500ºC
  • Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Tip to ground potential: <2mV
  • Heating element: Composite heater
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • Total length: 253mm (with 4BC tip)
  • Weight: 65g (with 4BC tip and nozzle assembly A)

Nitrogen System

Part Number Product Name
FX-780, FX-781 N2 Generator. FX-780: Small Capacity. FX-781: Large Capacity, accepts 2 irons
FX-791 N2 Flow Meter
Soldering Tips (T33)

Soldering tips are NOT included with the FX-8003. 

Please note that you'll need both the tip AND its compatible nozzle assembly for the soldering iron to function (Shape + Assembly Unit).

T33 Series Nozzle Assembly (N2 System)
Regular Type
  • BC4 / BC5 / BC6
  • D32 / D5 / D6
  • B5069 (A) (Discon)
  • B5316 (A)
  • BC2 / BC3
  • D24
  • 1610 / 1611
  • B5070 (B) (Discon)
  • B5317 (B)
Slim Type
  • SSBC2 / SSBC3
  • SSD16
  • SS1610 / SS1611
  • B5239 (C) (Discon)
  • B5318 (C)
  • SSBC4 / SSBC5
  • SSD24
  • B5240 (D) (Discon)
  • B5319 (D)
  • SSD32 / SSD6
  • B5241 (E) (Discon)
  • B5320 (E)

 Replacement Parts

Part Number Product Name
B5071 Nipple with O-ring
B2578 O-ring (inner diameter 5.6mm)
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