FX838-13 Soldering Station 230V

FX838-13 Soldering Station 230V

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  • High powered 150W soldering iron with high heat capacity
  • Best suited for soldering of power-supply boards, heat sinks and shield cases
  • Applicable also for multilayer boards with micro components
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 System as usage at your option

Please refer to the user manual for more tips!

Click here to shop compatible soldering tips for the FX838.


High Power 150W Soldering Station for various applications from large to fine components.

  • Great thermal recovery improves the soldering environment.
  • It allows soldering at lower set temperatures.
  • It can shorten the soldering working time, which minimize concern about the influence of heat on components and tip life.
  • It is suitable not only for high-power required working condition such as soldering multilayer boards or shield cases but also for microsoldering.

Operate at maximum temperature of 500 degrees
Soldering power-supply boards easily with the 150W high power hand piece.

High power with low voltage safety design
This unit has not only high power but also low output voltage (27V) , which is lower than the world safety output voltage of 30V.

Easy to replace tips
Simply loosen the nipple slightly, remove the tip, insert a new tip and tighten the nipple.

Cartridge style integrated heater improves thermal conductivity of the tips
The T20 series soldering tips are available in 20 different shape as replacement, some of which are suitable for fine components.

Temperature preset mode saves time and effort
Input three frequently-used temperatures in advance and recall them with one push of a button. It saves the troublesome process of setting condition, tailored to the tip-shape, component and work.

N2 System
Combination of optional handpiece allows use of N2 system. 

    Combination Example
    Name Remarks
    HAKKO FX-838
    With Control card, Heat resistant pad, Power cord, Connecting cable and Instruction manual.(Not necessary to purchase this unit if you have it.)
    Iron holder With HAKKO 599B
    With cleaning sponge
    HAKKO FX-8302
    N2 Soldering Iron
    T20 Series Select the tip appropriate for work.
    Nozzle Assembly
    Select the nozzle assembly applicable to the tip.
    N2 Generator With Racks for Station Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm It can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally.
    HAKKO FX-791
    N2 Flow Meter
    The others * The others are not provided by HAKKO

     A soldering tip is not included in this product. The tips (T20 series) of desired shape should be purchased separately.

    Packing List

    1. Soldering station (HAKKO FX-838)
    2. Soldering iron (HAKKO FX-8301)
    3. Control card
    4. Power cord
    5. Iron holder (With cleaning sponge and 599B)
    6. Connecting cable
    7. Heat resistant pad
    8. Instruction Manual

    Model No. FX-838

    Power consumption: 158W

    Temperature range: 200 to 500ºC

    Temperature stability: ±5ºC at idle temperature


    Output voltage: AC 27V

    Dimensions: 110(W)×110(H)×205(D)mm

    Weight: 3.2kg

    Soldering Iron

    Power consumption: 150W (27V)

    Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω

    Tip to ground potential: <2mV

    Heating element: Ceramic heater

    Cord length: 1.2m

    Total length: 175mm (with 2.4D tip)

    Weight: 31g (with 2.4D tip)

    * Total length and weight (w/o cord)


    For the HAKKO FX-838, soldering iron tips are not supplied as accessories. Please separately purchase "T20 Series" soldering iron tips.

    Soldering Tip

     T20 Series
    Shape BCM/CM
    • T20-BCM2
    • T20-BCM3
    Shape BC/C
    • T20-BC2
    • T20-BC3
    • T20-BC4
    • T20-BCF2
    • T20-BCF3
    • T20-BCF4
    • T20-C5
    • T20-C6
    Shape B
    • T20-B2
    • T20-BL
    • T20-BL2
    • T20-BL3
    Shape D
    • T20-D16
    • T20-D24
    • T20-D32
    • T20-D6
    Shape J
    • T20-J02
    Shape K
    • T20-K
    • T20-KU
    Shape Concave
    • T20-1610
    • T20-1611



    Replacement Parts




    HAKKO 599B tip cleaner


    Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge>

    with power-save function


    Soldering iron FX-8301

    150W (27V)


    Connecting cable


    Control card


    Heat resistant pad


    Iron holder <w/ cleaning wire>

    with power-save function


    Cleaning sponge
    * The replacement for A1536.



    Cleaning sponge
    * Discontinued. The replacement is "A1519".





    Cleaning wire

    Optional Parts

    Part No.




    Nitrogen Soldering iron FX-8302

    150W (27V), for N2 soldering