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Seamark ASE2500L Automatic Inline Detin and Reballing Machine

Seamark ASE2500L Automatic Inline Detin and Reballing Machine

A Fully Automatic Inline Detinning and Reballing Machine for repairing defective products in semiconductor chip packaging process

The ASE2500L uses a single-point reballing laser welding system with human-machine control and intelligent motion system. It can store multiple sets of product formula programs to make wire replacement simple and fast. The standard SMT flow channel type loading/unloading and adjustable anti-static synchronous belt components can be connected to other process equipment at the front and rear ends of the production line, with strong overall compatibility and compatibility with the BGA Industry standard tray. 


Non-Contact Single Point Tin removal

With a non-contact single point tin removal head and high-precision laser displacement sensor height measurement and gravity sensor, you can effectively address specific areas of defects of the product without the need for complete tin removal for the entire piece. This improves tin removal efficiency, reduces waste and reduces the risk of BGA damage and scrapping during the tin removal process. 

Single Point Ball Reballing and Laser Welding System

4 sets of independent dip needles are used to transfer flux from the single point transfer of the flux system to the reballing pads. Another 4 sets of independent suction nozzles are used to implant the solder ball into the solder pad position, and laser welding is used for solidification.

3 Sets of CCD Vision Systems

Equipped with 3 sets of CCD vision systems and independently developed control software, it detects materials at acupoints on the tray and accurately loads and unloads materials. AO detects and accurately locates defect points on the product, and reballing nozzle automatically calibrates after changing lines. 

4 Independent Pre-heating Platforms

The preheating platform has a heating and temperature control system with 4 independent preheating platforms. BGA tin removal and reballing are carried out on the preheating platform. Both preheating platform and the tin removal head uses closed-loop temperature control, ensuring stable and accurate overall temperature control. 

Total Power 5KW
BGA Size  Max 27 x 27 mm
Min: 3 x 3mm
Tray Size 323 x 136 x 8 mm (standard industry tray)
Preheating Table Temperature <200°C (adjustable)
Tin Removal Head Heater Temperature <600°C (adjustable)
Tin Removal Residual Amount <15%
Tin Removal Nozzle ⌀0.2 - 1 (replaceable)
Solder Ball Size 0.2 - 0.76 mm
Reballing Accuracy Deviation < 1/3 Ball Diameter
Reballing Nozzle ⌀0.15 - 0.6 (replaceable)
Production Yield Yield Rate > 95%
Line Change Time 30 mins
Replacing Reballing Nozzle Calibration CCD + Tool Alignment Sensor Calibration
Dimension 1420 L x 120 W x 1850 H mm
Weight 1200 kg
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