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Seamark R7220A Infrared BGA Soldering Station

Seamark R7220A Infrared BGA Soldering Station

An intelligent infrared soldering station with real-time temperature monitoring, optical alignment system, rapid heating, and cooling


Real-time Temperature Monitoring

Real-time temperature display with automatic curve analysis function.

Optical Alignment System

High-definition CCD (2m pixels) digital imaging, automatic optical zoom system, manual control and laser red-dot alignment.

Rapid heating and cooling

The IR preheating zone is heated by a medium wave ceramic infrared heating plate, a multi-functional movable PCB fixing bracket, and a BGA bottom support frame with laminar integrated cooling fan.

Power Supply AC 220V +/- 10% 50/60Hz
Power 5.65KW (max)
Top Heater: 1.45KW
Bottom Heater: 1.2KW
IR Preheater: 2.7KW
Other: 0.3KW
PCB Size Max: 412 x 370 mm
Min: 6 x 6 mm
BGA Chip Size Max: 60 x 60 mm
Min: 2 x 2 mm
IR Heater Size 285 x 375 mm
Temperature Sensor 1
Operation Method 7" HD Touch Screen
Control System Autonomous heating control system V2
Display System 15" SD Industrial Display (720P)
Alignment System 2 million pixel SD Digital Imaging System. Automatic Optical Zoom with Laser Red-Dot Indicator
Vacuum Adsorption Automatic
Alignment Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm
Temperature Control K-type Thermocouple Closed-Loop Control with Accuracy up to +/- 3°C
Feeding Device No
Positioning V-groove with Universal Fixture
Dimensions  685 L x 633 W x 850 H mm
Weight 76kg
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