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Seamark R730A Large Board BGA Rework Station

Seamark R730A Large Board BGA Rework Station

Semi-Automatic Soldering Machine

Featuring stable temperature control, a large HD touch screen, HD optical alignment and intelligent control as well as removable infrared temperature zone and other advantages.


Stable Temperature Control

Three temperature zones independently controlled, heated by hot air convection. The height of the bottom temperature zone is adjustable, with the top temperature zone having a built-in vacuum suction nozzle for chip adsorption, with negative pressure monitoring and pressure protection device.

Large HD Touch Screen

The large HD touch screen has a variety of operation modes, real-time display, and editing temperature curve. Each group of temperature curve can be set to 8 segments, with storage capacity of 100 groups of temperature curve and can automatically analyze the curve, read through touch screen control.

Removable Infrared Temperature Zone

The IR preheating zone is heated by a carbon fiber infrared tube and protected by a high-temperature resistant microcrystalline panel. It can move left and right to facilitate maintenance of large and irregular PCBA.

HD Optical Alignment and Intelligent Control

Equipped with automatic feeding device, using Panasonic PLC and high-precision temperature control module, high-precision K-type thermocouple, dynamic PID multi-loop closed-loop control selective reflow soldering process, the accuracy can reach ± 1°C. It also has temperature protection alarm function, software encryption and foolproof function.

Power Supply AC 380V +/- 10% 50/60Hz
Power 7.75KW (max)
Top Heater: 1.45KW
Bottom Heater: 1.2KW
IR Preheater: 4.8KW
Other: 0.3KW
PCB Size Max: 632 x 520 mm
Min: 6 x 6mm
BGA Chip Size Max: 80 x 80 mm
Min: 3 x 3 mm
IR Heater Size 570 x 435 mm
Temperature Sensor 5 pcs
Operation Method 10" HD Touch Screen (1080P 16:9)
Control System Panasonic PLC + Temperature Control Module
Display System 15" HD Industrial Display (1080P 16:9)
Alignment System 2 million pixel HD Digital Imaging System. Automatic Optical Zoom with Laser Red-Dot Indicator
Vacuum Adsorption Automatic
Alignment Accuracy +/- 0.01 mm
Temperature Control K-type Thermocouple Closed-Loop Control with Accuracy up to +/- 1°C
Feeding Device Yes
Positioning V-groove with Universal Fixture
Dimensions  1000 L x 835 W x 960 H mm
Weight 130.5kg
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