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Seamark R750 PC Automatic BGA Rework Station

Seamark R750 PC Automatic BGA Rework Station

Automatic Optical Alignment Rework Equipment

Equipped with a feeder to achieve automatic feeding and automatic receiving for small components. There is also a quick optical centering function for the suction nozzle to quickly align with components and improve repair efficiency. The large-sized infrared carbon fiber heater allows for even preheating of PCBs while the hot air systems' centrifugal fan results in high uniform speed and reliability. 


High Accuracy and Performance

Adopt high-definition CCD high precision optical alignment system for accurate placement of components, laser red-dot positioning and guiding PCB to position. The placement system has multiple working modes with no need to set complicated parameters. 

Easy to View and Operate

Adjusting and aligning has never been easier via the PC control system and large screens for better visibility. The machine uses 19.5" HD industrial display screen and a 15" HD industrial product display screen. 

Improved Heating Efficiency

There are 3 independently controlled temperature zones heated by hot air convection. The lower temperature zone has an adjustable height while the upper temperature zone has a built-in vacuum suction pipe for chip adsorption, and negative pressure monitoring and pressure protection. The infrared preheating zone is heated by carbon fiber infrared tubes that are protected with high temperature resistant microcrystalline panel that can be moved left and right for easy maintenance of large and irregular PCBA. 

Power Supply AC 380V +/- 10% 50/60Hz
Power 7.75KW (max)
Top Heater: 1.45KW
Bottom Heater: 1.2KW
IR Preheater: 4.8KW
Other: 0.3KW
PCB Size Max: 632 x 520 mm
Min: 6 x 6 mm
BGA Chip Size Max: 80 x 80 mm
Min: 3 x 3 mm
IR Heater Size 570 x 435 mm
Temperature Sensor 5 Pcs
Control System Dell PC Mainframe + Motion Controller + Temperature Control Module
Display System 19.5" HD Industrial Display Screen (1080P 16:9)
15" HD Industrial Product Display Screen (1080P 16:9)
Alignment System 2 Million Pixel HD Digital Imaging System, Automatic Optical Zoom, Laser Red-Dot Indicator
Vacuum Adsorption Automatic
Stroke Accuracy +/- 0.01 mm
Temperature Control K-type Thermocouple Closed-Loop, with Accuracy up to +/- 1°C
Dimensions  1000 L x 835 W x 960 H mm
Weight 130.5kg
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