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Seamark ZQ3500 Automatic BGA Detin and Reballing Rework Station

Seamark ZQ3500 Automatic BGA Detin and Reballing Rework Station

 Fully automatic BGA tin removal and reballing capabilities

Compatible with various sizes and ball diameters (0.3 - 0.76mm). Overall equipment includes BGA repair related process functions such as loading/unloading, visual positioning, tin removal, glue removal, polishing, cleaning, printing flux, reballing, AOI detection, sorting, etc. 


Fully Automated Repair Line

A fully automated repair line comprising multiple devices with human/machine control. Each process has corresponding sensors for operation monitoring and alarm to ensure the smooth, safe and automated operation of the entire equipment. 

Multiple Types of Combined Tin Removal Systems

Using a lower preheating component together with a non-contact tin removal component and a high-temperature scraper component creates multiple working conditions selection of tin removal. Suitable for ordinary BGA, adhesive BGA and device BGA. 

Polishing and Cleaning System

Perform high-speed polishing with a dropwise cleaning agent. After removing tin, polish the residue on the surface and use dust-free paper for wiping and cleaning. 

Printing Flux and High-speed Spot Flux System

Using a standard printing machine, regular BGA can be directly printed with flux after tin removal and cleaning. For BGA with devices on the upper surface preventing direct printing, a dedicated high-speed point flux piezoelectric valve can be used. 

CCD Positioning and AOI Detection System

Multiple sets of CCD components are used for handling and positioning, to effectively ensure the accuracy of loading/unloading process. It is also equipped with an AOI detection system to perform checks on the BGA after reballing, to detect defects such as multiple balls, few balls, deviation, bridging, large or small balls and to carry out sorting. 

Power Supply AC: 220V +/- 10% 50/60Hz 1⌀
Operation Mode Full Automatic
Loading Method Left In / Right Out
BGA Size Max: 100 x 100 mm
Min: 5 x 5 mm
Preheating Table
<200°C (adjustable)
Tin Removal Heating
<400°C (adjustable)
Tin Removal Residual
Line Change Time 30min
Solder Ball Size 0.3 - 0.76 mm
Reballing Accuracy Deviation < 1/3 Ball Diameter
Repeated Positioning
+/- 0.01 m
UPH > 10pc
Dimensions 4700 L x 1500 W x 1850 H mm
W including display: 2100
H including lights: 2100
Weight Approx. 5000 kg
Mode 4 permission modes:
Operators / Maintenance / Engineering / Admin
Safety Audible and Visual Alarm with message prompt. The front acrylic door of the emergency stop button is equipped with magnetic protection. During equipment operation, opening the door will automatically stop the leakage protector and the equipment will be grounded reliably. 
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